A Pop-up Gallery Serving a Coalition of Local Artists Supporting Art Awareness


We are a temporary gallery that is fresh, vibrant and captures the essence of creativity.

We are only located in Carlsbad in the Village Faire Plaza, (bottom level) next to  Linda's Gifts from July 22 to July 28th.

From emotion and  communication, we create unique art and we host many organizations that believe the value of art in everyone's life.

Our Artists

Sharing our work, whether you're looking for  simple or  complex, you will find art that speaks volumes and touches a part of your soul. 

New and established artists sharing their stories, is common place in this gallery and we encourage the interaction between you and the artist.

Feel free to  enjoy our gallery of artists! We are only here for 5 days.

Join Us and Share the Enthusiasm of our Exhibit and our Art.
ART FROM THE HEART Exhibition Jul 22 - Jul 28, 2012
Art Reception:  July 26, 5:30-9pm

First Time exhibiting artist, Nina De Paula shares with you her visions and experiences in her beautiful art. Mary Ellen Deckert travels into her journey with recycled memorabilia. Thomas Thomas takes us on an adventure with Mr. Chuck Wood.  Barbara McVey , Larisa Ostergand and Donna Butnik travel into the journey and power of women,  Karla Nederhof and Linda Melvin bejewel you, as Sharon Hoffman takes you to places beyond.  Kathy Chin captures her love of animals and Sandy Heath takes you on a journey into your soul. Barbara Mille' expresses the strengths in the universe.  Stephen Gary shares with you his other vision of life and Bijan Dowlatshai show the beauty and simplicity of a tree.  Ellen Cramer takes you on a walk into  landscape, while Terry Oshrin spreads colors of the world . Joanne Leack brings a fresh new approach to things beyond and Cheryl Ehlers shares  the pride and strength buried inside.

Teri, Inc., the Stardust Arts and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Carlsbad share in the power and communication  of art,  and a common bond shared by all these artists in the 10RHr Art Gallery and your "welcome"to step into our world.

10Hr Art Gallery Hold Harmless Agmt.pdf 10Hr Art Gallery Hold Harmless Agmt.pdf
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 We are hosting wonderful organizations in support of art, awareness and the wonders they brings to youth, adults and families.

, Carlsbad, CA | 760-519-1551

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